How to access the forum?

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How to access the forum? Empty How to access the forum?

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 31, 2017 4:04 pm


Welcome to the Premier Fan Forum where you can share your feedback and ask questions!

Before you can access the forum, you will need to register a user name and password.

1. Click on "Register" on the menu bar.
2. Read the Forum Terms of Service and click "I Agree to these terms"
3. Complete the Registration Information
         a. Create a user name
         b. Input your email
         c. Create a password
         d. Click "Save"
4. Confirm your Password and click "verify" on the FunCaptcha
         a. Rotate the wheel!
         b. Click "Done"
         c. Ignore the ad where the color wheel was and click "Save"
5. An account activation email will be send to the email address you provided.
         a. Go to your email and find the "Welcome to AX 2017 Premier Fan forums
         b. Click "Click here" to be taken back to the forums
         c. Click "Log in" and enter your username and password

You are all done!

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