My Address Bar is showing "Not secure." Should I be worried?

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My Address Bar is showing "Not secure." Should I be worried?  Empty My Address Bar is showing "Not secure." Should I be worried?

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 31, 2017 4:21 pm

The connection is still secure and we have been assured by the Forumotion Staff of it. Please read their post from January 6th, 2017 11:43 AM

Dear users,

Since 2016, Google has decided to accelerate the transition to a more secure web by imposing the HTTPS standard. This is a good thing for Internet users but is really complex to set up technically on big services like Forumotion!

Google Chrome will display an alert for HTTP pages

Note that since January 2017, Google Chrome browser (version 56) could display a security alert on HTTP pages including a "Password" field. This will be a discrete indication with "Not secure" message that will be displayed in the address bar.

How does this affect Forumotion Forums ?

On the discussion forums, members must log in by entering their username and password. This alert will not affect all HTTP pages, but only those that display a "password" field.

For Forumotion forums, this could typically occur on pages with a field asking to enter a password (Login widget, Quick login display, ...).

Don't be afraid, having this alert does not mean that your forum is not secure. This is a simple indication dictated by the new standards imposed by the use of a secure connection protocol between the web server that hosts your forum and your web browser.

The HTTPS protocol will be soon available for Forumotion Forums

Although there is no obligation to adopt this new protocol, the best solution, which will soon be available on all Forumotion forums, is to have the possibility to put the forum in HTTPS mode. In addition to providing a secure web space for your members, your forum will display a "Secure" message.  Cool

Nevertheless, be aware that the complete transition of your forum in HTTPS mode will require some modifications in the templates. All resources (images, JS, CSS, external services, ...) must be called in HTTPS mode. Otherwise, the forum will not be considered secure.

In any way, we will provide you with more information on this as soon as all technical modifications are ready on our side.


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